More Egyptian Silver Jewelry

Cat, Sacred Goddess for Health & Happiness
SS739 Cat Pend $19.00
SS740 Cat Ear $28.00
SS741 Cat Pend $24.00
SS742 Cat Pend $17.00
SS743 Cat Pend $39.00
SS745 Anubis Pend $17.00

Thoth,God of Wisdom
SS746 Thoth Pend $17.00
SS747 Osiris Pend $17.00
SS748 Ptah Pend $17.00
SS749 Eye Pend $27.00
SS750 Eye Pend $17.00
SS751 Eye Pend $20.00
SS752 Scarab Ear $26.00
SS753 Scarab Ring $18.00
SS755 Scarab Pend $17.00
SS756 Scarab Pend $38.00
SS757 Eye Ear $24.00
SS758 Eye Pend $17.00
Eye of Horus to watch over you for protection
SS760 Eye Ear out of stock

Scarabs are to Bring Good Luck!
SS771 Scarab Pend $39.00
SS772 Scarab Ear $22.00
SS773 Scarab Pend $30.00
SS774 Scarab Locket Pend $93.00

Hand is protection
SS779 Hand Pend $33.00

Silver Jewelry

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